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Thick yellow discharge

2011. 6. 16. · Thick yellow discharge during pregnancy may also be on account of Chlamydia which is basically a sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia and any other sexually.

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Many women notice that during the week after a period there is hardly any discharge, and what there is has a thick consistency. Towards the middle of the cycle (about 2 weeks after the start of a period) the amount increases and it becomes thin, slippery and clear, like uncooked egg white.

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o Candidiasis (thick, white, cottage cheese-like, non-odorous discharge) o Trichomonas (foamy, yellow-green foul-smelling discharge) o Bacterial vaginosis (white-gray discharge, fishy odor).* Vaginal Foreign Bodies: Vaginal foreign bodies (e.g. forgotten tampon) must be removed to prevent vaginal infection.

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Frothy, yellow discharge may be a sign of trichomoniasis, a type of sexually transmitted infection (STI). Trichomoniasis is more likely than other STIs to lead to symptoms. Discharge from. .

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In it, you will have a smelly discharge of yellow or green color. 1 150 302 951 59. 8 DPO intimate, increased appetite, light bloating, gas, light diarrhea, cramps, sore throat when I woke up but went away Jun 04, 2020 · Yellow discharge is vaginal discharge that's either darker yellow and thick or lumpy, or pale yellow and watery.

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